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Beacon IT Services (BITS) provides responsive, reliable and resilient firewall security services to businesses in the Triad and beyond. 

Ransomware and cyber threats are evolving as fast as IT security professionals can create fixes. Attacks and exploits are becoming increasingly complex, harder to detect and more difficult to disarm.

Every business needs comprehensive, multi-layered protection of their digital network. Network security solutions ensure that viruses, phishing attempts and other suspicious activities are confronted before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your business network.

But, engaging a run-of-the-mill firewall setup isn't enough. As the front line of your digital defenses against cyber threats, your firewall should be designed and deployed by experienced cyber security experts. Moreover, your secured network requires regular monitoring by a dedicated team. 

Many Triad business have placed their networks into the trusted hands of BITS security professionals. Our team excels at identifying the weak points in your network and applying the required security setup to mitigate concerns. Unlike other managed IT services providers, we're also capable of providing on-site support – often on the same day. 

BITS firewall solutions are bolstered by the Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) from SonicWall. The software is the gold standard in cyber threat protection, providing added layers of security and ensuring the productivity of your team.

With BITS firewall services protecting your digital network, you can be confident that your business will stay secure, productive and ready to meet any challenge. 

Be sure that your business is protected as best as it can be.

Call us today to learn about our security and threat protection services or request a free audit!