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Cyber Security And Threat Protection

The world is more connected than ever, making minimal cyber defense efforts - like antivirus and malware protection - vital for business continuity. But, today's business digital security needs go beyond desktop protection.

No one is immune from cyber attacks and basic security measures are simply not enough. Increasingly complex exploits, malware extortion attempts and theft of sensitive information are all good reasons to prioritize an enhanced level of security for your business network. 

The digital security landscape changes on a daily basis. No matter how good your internal IT team may be, it's smart to have a trusted, knowledgeable partner making sure that your network is secure and your proprietary data is safe.

Beacon IT Services (BITS) has the experience and expertise to ensure your business is protected from unwanted intrusion. Our team of cyber security experts has been providing IT security management services in the Triad since 1998, earning a sterling reputation for expediency, professionalism and attention to detail.

We're ready to deploy our security and threat protections services for the benefit of your business. 


BITS Protects Triad Businesses from Cyber Criminals

BITS security solutions are based on multiple layers of protection. We lay a strong foundation by activating a robust perimeter defense - achieved with a mix of a fully customized firewall, active network management and regular network inspections.

Your security is further enhanced by continual updates of vulnerable business applications (patch management) and 24/7 monitoring. Finally, we inoculate your business against the most common forms of cyber exploits by deputizing your team via extensive security awareness training.

BITS makes sure that your business network is protected top to bottom. Get started on securing your network vulnerabilities by learning more about our managed firewall services. 



Security Threat Protection


With BITS firewall services protecting your digital network, you can be confident that your business will stay secure, productive and ready to meet any challenge. 

Security Threat Protection

Endpoint Security

Don't leave the security of your data to chance. BITS can help you protect the most vulnerable parts of your network. Request a complimentary network audit by our team of IT security experts today.

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