cyber security and threat protection

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Cyber security is essential nowadays for your business, just like antivirus and malware protection. But it goes well beyond basic security measures and desktop protection. No one is immune from cyber attacks. Increasingly complex exploits, malware extortion attempts, and theft of sensitive information are all strong reasons to prioritize an enhanced level of security for your business.

BITS is that trusted, knowledgeable partner you need to keep your network secure and your proprietary data safe. As the digital security landscape changes daily, BITS is constantly researching, adjusting and improving protection from ransomware, phishing scams, data breaches, and every cyber security issue you've ever heard of - and even some you haven't. We've seen–and handled–just about everything! As we like to say, "no worries, we got IT!"

how BITS keeps your business safe

BITS security solutions are based on multiple layers of protection. We lay a strong foundation with a mix of a fully customized firewall, active network management, and regular network inspections. Your security is further enhanced by continual updates of vulnerable business applications (i.e. patch management) and 24/7 monitoring.

Finally, we prepare your business for the most common forms of cyber exploits by deputizing your team via extensive security awareness training. Many security breaches are actually triggered by an internal action, which means training employees to recognize threats BEFORE they happen. BITS makes sure that your business network is protected top to bottom.

so how can BITS help with my security?

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firewall services

BITS firewall services protect your digital network so your business will stay secure, productive, and ready to meet any challenge. Rest easy because we will make sure your firewalls are configured properly and monitored regularly.

Security Threat Protection

endpoint security

Don't leave the security of your data to chance. With BITS on your side, our comprehensive endpoint security will protect your business by fortifying your remote access plan. We can ensure your employees' devices are secured and ready for all remote work, travel, and work-from-home situations.