managed IT services

Managed IT Services

Managing your IT infrastructure is a routine but critical need, no matter how big or small your business is. Inevitably, every business owner runs into IT concerns that they are just not equipped to handle. These problems can be frustrating, costly, and often go unaddressed due to a lack of managed IT services expertise or bandwidth.

Beacon IT Services (BITS) offers you relief and peace of mind with reliable IT support. Allowing professionals to manage your IT needs frees you to focus on running your business and applying your expertise. Our continuous, 24/7 monitoring assures little to no downtime and prevents catastrophic and costly failures. Easily scalable, our services provide maximum flexibility and give you the freedom to grow your business at its own natural pace.


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Managed IT

co-managed IT services

Everyone could use a little bit of help. That's the rationale behind our approach to co-managed IT services. If your team is stretched too thin or internal expertise is lacking in key areas, we're ready to plug right in at a moment's notice.

We've helped clients reconfigure their enterprise data backup solutions, solved productivity-killing network connectivity concerns, initiated compliance audits and reviews, and simply added bandwidth where and when it was needed. In today's fast-based world, it is invaluable to have a trusted IT partner who provides needed technical support and peace of mind right when you need it.

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small business IT services

Small business IT support may not be top of mind when all you're focused on is getting your business off the ground. But without a dedicated IT expert, technical issues can snowball and, before you know it, you're offline and scrambling for a fix.

At BITS, we work with you to implement a comprehensive IT support plan including data storage, cloud services, monitoring, system fixes, and updates. Our focus is to keep your business network functioning properly and securely. Since we're local there are no endless emails or waiting on hold. We'll be on-site the same day and have you up and running in no time!