Find Peace of Mind Through Co-Managed IT Services


Everyone could use a little bit of help. That's the rationale behind our approach to co-managed IT services.

No matter how big your IT team is, an outside perspective is always useful. Whether it's providing an independent assessment of internal processes and vulnerabilities or validating long-debated initiatives, the Beacon IT Services (BITS) team excels as tech advisers. 

We've been partnering with local businesses and corporations since the 90's, filling strategic gaps in internal IT capabilities. Even the best laid plans have the potential to go awry. Whatever holes develop in your IT infrastructure, we have the expertise to step right in to assess the problem and execute the required fix. 

We've helped clients reconfigure their enterprise data backup solutions, solved productivity-killing network connectivity concerns, initiated compliance audits and reviews, and simply added bandwidth where and when it was needed. If your team is stretched too thin or internal expertise is lacking in key areas, we're ready to plug right in at a moment's notice.

It's smart to have a backup plan. Which is why successful businesses build redundancies into their most critical operations. In today's ultra-connected business environment, the last thing you can afford is to be knocked offline. It's smart to have a trusted IT partner who can help maintain your enterprise network security and provide needed technical support.

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