data storage and management

Data Protection

Adequately accounting for your data storage and management needs as a small business is a critical need. It's also no small feat.

You need to balance the collaborative needs of your internal teams, budget concerns, security and access requirements, and a myriad of other factors dictated by your unique constraints. 

Having a reliable team to help you sort through your options and design a customized data backup solution can be of tremendous value. With data management services from BITS, a reliable team is exactly what you get. 


Data Storage Services

Where and how your data is stored is unique to your business. Depending on your industry, there may be extensive rules and regulations governing data storage.

Some businesses lean on the security and relative simplicity of in-house servers. Others prefer the lower upfront costs, snap scalability and enhanced collaborative features of cloud storage. A hybrid backup storage solution is also commonly applied for businesses with complex processes or data storage needs. 

The experienced IT experts at BITS will design and execute a tailored backup storage solution, customized for whatever technical and regulatory requirements your business has to meet.

We partner with IT industry leader Datto to ensure the security and reliability of all BITS data storage services and plans.   

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