datto backup solutions

Data Protection

What makes BITS backup and data protection solutions stand out is our commitment to high-quality, tailored services and fast, reliable and client-oriented support. The same commitment is shared by our cyber security partner, Datto. Together, we provide the software, hardware, planning and execution required to keep your business data safe and accessible on-demand. 


Datto Backup Products & BITS Innovation

As a Datto partner, we are able to provide small and mid-size businesses enterprise-strength secured backup and restoration solutions. Datto backup software and devices carry a well-earned reputation in the cyber security world.

With Datto data protection solutions designed for local, virtual and cloud environments and tailored for small businesses, BITS can design a disaster recovery plan to protect your data and critical applications from any contingency.   


Datto Support

A local leader in IT security, BITS has been delivering custom backup solutions to Triad companies since the 90's. Backed by Datto's industry-leading products, and expertise gained through decades of innovative problem-solving, our team is the critical cog missing from your business continuity planning. 

Trust your business data to BITS and our Datto support capabilities. For a thorough conversation about your data protection and business continuity needs, give BITS a call today. 

Call us today to learn about our data protection and backup services or request a free audit!