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Running a small or mid-sized business is hard enough. The last thing any business owner needs to worry about is a routine IT problem – like if the latest security patch is active on all company hardware. Beacon IT Services (BITS) makes these IT concerns a non-issue with our cloud-managed services. And the cloud offers far more than just the ability to manage your office computers!


what are the benefits of migrating to the cloud?

  1. Cloud networking – Manage your network without investing in expensive equipment.

  2. Cloud storage – Access your secured data from anywhere, anytime.

  3. Cloud security – Protect your data with a centralized security system and ensure it's only accessed by approved users.


so how does BITS help with my cloud setup?

Hire the local team at BITS to manage your computers, servers, and network. Our cloud IT solutions secure your network, scale your server capabilities, protect and backup your network data, and provide optimized licensing for your email and Microsoft 365 applications. And we do all of this at just a moment's notice! All this brings you peace of mind and considerable time savings for you and your team.

Cloud Migration

cloud migration services

If you're ready to apply the benefits of the cloud to your business, BITS is ready to help with our cloud migrations services. Let's get your data off the ground and up into the atmosphere!

Cloud Network

cloud network

The trend to offload many traditional in-house applications to the cloud is driving the need for more complex networking. BITS will assist and advise on setting up a cloud network that works for you.

Cloud Servers

cloud virtual servers

Let BITS help with your transition to the cloud. Our experienced team will walk you through the process and cover all the intricate details you need to know–from the server virtualization process to staff training.