network management

The trend to offload many traditional in-house applications to the cloud is driving the need for more complex network management. Ironically, network management itself can be executed more efficiently through the cloud.

Let BITS help your business discover the benefits of cloud networking.


Cloud Networking Capabilities

The cloud makes possible entirely new ways of building your business' digital networks – driving collaboration, efficiency and productivity among your employees. Users can access the resources and applications they need in the cloud any time and from anywhere. 

However, opening up your secure business network to the cloud comes with added complexity. Between the requirements of private clouds, public clouds and hybrid cloud networks, managing the rules, permissions and security of enterprise connections is an immense undertaking.


SD-WAN & Network Management

Network management becomes easier through SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) technology. SD-WAN devices regulate your various cloud network connections, maintaining security protocols and guiding data through the best possible path.   

With cloud networking, you gain the capability to visualize, monitor and manage all your network connections in one, centralized location. Whether by your in-house IT staff, or the dedicated team of experts at BITS, your digital network can be managed, monitored and protected 24/7.


BITS Cloud Networking Services

BITS can manage the integration of your cloud networking solutions efficiently and pain free. Our team is happy to provide: 

  • Data network installation
  • Designing and constructing network solutions (LAN, VPN, WLAN, etc.)
  • Managed network monitoring and structured cabling


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