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If you're tired of just reading about all the wonders of the cloud and are ready to apply its benefits to your business, BITS cloud migrations services can help.


Moving to the Cloud

Cloud applications provide flexible and cost-effective ways to manage some or all of your critical business tasks. Finding the ones that can make a difference for your business is easy. Integrating the applications into your existing infrastructure and work processes is the hard part. 

Shifting your operations online comes with challenges. The transfer of your data from your servers to the cloud is a complicated process, requiring technical assessments and extensive testing. 

Leave the planning, coordination and execution to the experienced team of data migration experts at BITS.  


BITS Cloud Migrations Services 

Our team takes every aspect of your business infrastructure, processes and workflows into consideration during the planning process. As a result, BITS is able to execute a seamless transition of your data to the cloud, while maintaining data integrity and business continuity.

We got it

After the successful transfer of data, we'll make sure that your staff is comfortable with new procedures and able to navigate the changes to their work processes.

As a local managed IT services provider, we've been helping Triad business harness the power of new technology for over 20 years. We'll be happy to guide your team through the cloud migration process and help your business maximize the benefits of your new, online applications.  

Have questions about the implications of cloud migration on your business? Give the BITS team a call today. We'll be happy to talk through your options. 

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