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BITS' Close Collaboration and Excellent Services Plays Key Role in Marketing Company's Expansion

"The performance is really a cut above," Ken Dobbins, Vice President and General Manager of RSVP Communications, Inc., says about Beacon IT Services (BITS). He'd know: since 2014, he and his team have relied on BITS to oversee a wide range of managed IT services.

RSVP Communications provides marketing support for their clients, helping them sell and deliver products. Their services include creating custom CRM applications, managing order fulfillment, handling direct mailing, and more. Meanwhile, BITS oversees the company's network infrastructure, employee workstations, and much more.

"If there’s an issue, BITS can get somebody over here pretty quick," Ken says. "Their monitoring capabilities are outstanding. And, the guys on the BITS team are reading, developing, and understanding what the market is doing every day."

BITS has also stepped up to help RSVP Communications with a number of upgrades. When RSVP expanded and modernized their call center, BITS, in close collaboration with other contractors, came in and removed all the computer workstations and wiring. Then, they rewired and rebuilt the whole call center, all in a three-day period.

The BITS team also played a key role when RSVP Communications grew their warehouse from 79,000 square feet to 109,000 square feet. "BITS was instrumental in coming in and making very good recommendations on what equipment we should have, what equipment we shouldn’t have, and monitoring the guys who were doing the actual install," Ken explains. "At the end of the day, there were some issues that BITS identified that we were able to get fixed along the way. It’s not that anyone was doing a bad job. It’s just that BITS was doing a great job to ensure that it was being done right. That was extremely successful, and the new facility is up and running flawlessly."

The success of those projects and BITS' everyday service has helped make Ken and his team into very happy—and continuing—customers. Indeed, according to Ken, the best part of working with BITS is "their customer service. Beacon IT Services has a great team, top to bottom. We've had great success with BITS."

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