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Proactive Problem Solving Powers Ongoing Partnership

With some 500 employees collaborating across offices nationwide, Lucent Health depends on its network to fulfill its mission of providing better healthcare insurance solutions for businesses. The company also utilizes technology for essential data analysis and curation. As such, Lucent's team needs to know that their network and data solutions will run securely and efficiently.

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Since the business relationship began in 2016 when Lucent needed assistance powering up the wifi at an office in Winston-Salem, NC., Beacon IT Services (BITS) has provided an array of essential functions for Lucent. BITS has assisted with everything from purchasing hardware to revamping networks to setting up a Datto backup solution to addressing security concerns. The BITS team's reliability, professionalism, and adeptness at addressing IT issues has also allowed Lucent's internal IT team to better manage its workload.

"It's been great to have BITS as a partner to chime in and give us another perspective and set of eyes," says Randy Garland, vice-president of database administration. "We have weekly meetings, and BITS is great about asking questions we didn't think of. It's helped make us more current in terms of what's available."

In particular, BITS' diligent monitoring of servers and firewalls has allowed Lucent's internal IT experts to focus on other tasks that demand their expertise while not having to worry about any issues that could compromise their systems and business.

"From what I've seen, compared to other IT services providers, BITS has a very proactive approach," says network analyst systems administrator Robert Sheasby. "If something is wrong, BITS lets us know, and the follow-up to address those issues is very good as well."

Ed Sirovy, Lucent's vice-president of infrastructure and network, agrees: "We get so many emails every day, it's easy for issues to fall through the cracks. Having BITS as a second line of defense keeps us honest, and keeps things from slipping through. That's why what the BITS team does is so important."

That diligence and willingness to get out in front of an issue before it becomes a problem helps Lucent carry on their business smoothly, and continues to provide the cornerstone of this ongoing partnership.

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