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Connect Everywhere: Why You Need a Reliable VPN

So. Here we are. Still working from home. (Well, many of us.) Still not back to normal. (Not going to reiterate everything that's going on. You know what's up. And if you're reading this in the future and have no idea what I'm referring to... well... you're very lucky.) So yes, here we are, and [...]

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Take a Rest, We Got IT: What Your IT Team Does When You’re On Vacation

It's 8:44 AM. You wanted to sleep in later, of course, but it was still nice to not wake up to the sound of your phone alarm buzzing. You go to the kitchen and make some coffee, then sit down on your couch, enjoying the quiet. You just breathe. Of course, cancelling the big vacation [...]

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What’s Hot in IT? New Programs to Keep Your Data Cool

  Whew! It's the height of summer and it is HOT. Take your breath away hot. Cook an egg on the hood of your car hot. Don't go outside unless you can jump in a pool hot (or at least dip your toes into a kiddie pool in your backyard). In other words, it's a [...]

The History and Evolution of Managed IT Services

History: we've lived through it, and more is being made every day. And while what's happening in IT services may not seem quite as dramatic as what's happening in the rest of the world, there's no doubt that the industry is rapidly evolving in ways that will change how IT business is done going forward. [...]

Adjusting Your Business for a Digital Transformation

Change and uncertainty have been constant themes for nearly every business since the start of 2020. It's hard to find an industry or sector that has not had to navigate at least some small-scale transitions due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many business were prepared for a pivot to an online-heavy operational model. [...]

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Document Storage Solutions for the Work-From-Home Era

Last month, as many businesses were amending their operations to function in a global pandemic, we wrote about managing the transition to remote work and what small businesses needed to do to make the new arrangement possible. If there's one positive arising from the COVID-19 crisis, it's that many of us have been forced [...]

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