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Work From Home: Transitioning to the New Reality

As little as two months ago, working from home was considered a job perk. Or, maybe even a recruiting tactic for prized new hires. Despite telecommuting becoming more and more accepted in office parks around the country, the custom was certainly not a taken-for-granted benefit. A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic has erupted [...]

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Groundhog Day: 5 Re-occurring Issues Plaguing IT Pros

The jobs of IT professionals are hard enough. Forget for a moment that they operate in an industry where the rate of change is accelerating exponentially – Moore's Law states that computing capacity doubles every two years. Put aside the fact that the threat environment which they are paid to counteract increases in complexity every [...]

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Windows 7 End of Life: Managing the OS transition

First, let us begin by paying our respects to a hard-working piece of software. The Windows 7 operating system first became available to consumers in October 2009. Since that time, the OS has supported millions of business and personal computers, offering Microsoft users an alternative to the less-popular and more-problematic Windows Vista. But, every beginning [...]

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What to Give Your IT Team for the Holidays

IT professionals are tasked with a very important job: protecting their companies' digital infrastructure and digital assets from all threats and intrusions. It's a big job. And, often, it's a thankless one. After all, in many cases, the only interactions co-workers have with IT staff is when something is wrong. Internet down? Call the IT [...]

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Cybersecurity: Small Business Solution to an International Problem

"Cyber intrusions and attacks — many of them originating overseas — are targeting our businesses, stealing trade secrets, and costing American jobs. Iranian hackers have targeted American banks. The North Korean cyber attack on Sony Pictures destroyed data and disabled thousands of computers. In other recent breaches that have made headlines, more than 100 million [...]

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The Scary Interwebs: Top Cyber Security Threats in 2019

Big plans for Halloween this year? The October 31st holiday is an annual pilgrimage to the Altar of the Sweet Tooth for the kids. For adults, on the other hand, the celebration is closer to a fetishization of all things horrifyingly scary. If you're a small business owner, or an executive tasked with keeping your [...]

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