A Guided Tour of the BITS Experience

Published March 28, 2022 | Categories: BITS News , IT Services , BITS Team


Come in, come in: the tour is about to begin!

Thank you for joining us today for our guided tour of our newly-launched and redesigned Beacon IT Services (BITS) website. We're going to show you around and give you a fresh look at what we do and the services we provide.

We know, some of you have been here before! But we hope you'll enjoy seeing how our website, design, and technology have evolved over our 20+ years in this business. And for our newer clients or soon-to-be clients, we want to give you a taste of everything that goes into making us...us!

So, buckle up and keep your hands inside the cart as we tour some of the major pages of our new website together, and along the way, we'll highlight some of what you can expect when you work with BITS as your IT service partner:

the homepage

Our tour begins...at the beginning! Positive first impressions are crucial, and since our Homepage is the first thing visitors see, we created an engaging, informative experience. Upon arrival, you're presented with a video of our amazing team and as you scroll, you'll find a summary of all our technology services.

When you start a relationship with BITS, you'll be welcomed by our friendly team at the start. That's true on our website too: when you come to the homepage, you'll be greeted with a friendly little pop-up message in the lower right corner from our sales team (hi Kevin!) in case you have questions. We believe in building a long-term relationship with you and really learning how your business operates, and that begins with that first introduction.

the services pages

The core of BITS business—and arguably our website—is the breadth and depth of services we offer our clients. While our old website did this adequately, we found our services pages to sometimes be a bit dated, or contain information that wasn't the easiest to understand. We overhauled and consolidated the services section to more succinctly summarize what we do and what you can expect as our client.

Explore each of our four core service categories further by clicking into their respective pages: managed IT services, security and threat protection, cloud IT services, and data protection and backup. You'll see how our revamped content is clearer, more concise, and most importantly, speaks directly to how each service will impact your organization by streamlining technology, improving security or supporting day-to-day operations.

the portfolio page

We've always been proud of the work we do, but the "Our Work" section of our site didn't always do it justice. We realized it can be tough to understand the scope of our work when we partner with many clients across dozens of industries. That's largely due to the fact that every single client is different, and what might work best for one client may not work well for another! So now you can hear directly from some of the people who know our work best - our customers!

Our new portfolio page showcases a few highlighted clients from very different business sectors sharing their experiences working with BITS. What we do, how we help, and why they rely on us: it's all covered. Take a moment to discover BITS' work in providing managed IT services to Lucent Health, Graham Personnel Services, and RSVP Communications and read their case studies. Learn from their firsthand client experiences in working with us. You'll see how our IT solutions and strategies are customized based on your particular business needs, which we aim to learn from you starting on day one—it's all about that relationship between BITS and YOU!

the about page

Sure, you know Beacon IT Services (BITS). Maybe you follow our socials and look forward to our monthly blog posts. (If not, you should!) But do you really know BITS? Like our history, how we work, and what drives us?

Our new About page lets you quickly discover all the key elements that set us apart and have kept us successful since 1998: our mission, our dedicated team members, and most crucially, our commitment to delivering the very best in IT services to our clients.

the news & insights page


We've always prided ourselves on keeping an eye on the bigger picture and understanding the events, products, and trends that define and guide the IT services industry. Our long-running blog gives us a chance to explore and share some of these topics. Now, that blog—rebranded as "News & Insights"—is easier to access and looks way better than ever.

You can find us discussing the latest IT news like cybersecurity breaches or tech predictions and taking deep dives into specific IT topics that can impact your business (like this one all about why you need Multi-Factor Authentication.)

a BIT of a taste

Now that our tour is concluded, please take a moment to gather your belongings and turn in your audio guide. In lieu of tips for the tour guide, we'd love for you to give us a call instead and discover firsthand what BITS will do for your IT infrastructure.

Contact us today to get started, or request a free audit and we'll get started for you. No worries, we got IT!