Are You Ready for 2022? Our Top 5 Tech Predictions

Published January 26, 2022 | Categories: System Administration , Computer Related , BITS Team , Cyber Security , IT Services


Here we are at the end of January already, racing ahead into 2022. Are you still keeping up with those New Year’s resolutions? Because the BITS team is still ready and raring to go this year! We’re already preparing for what the coming months will bring our way. As we leave 2021 behind us, we want to share a few hot topics that will be sticking points in the tech world during 2022.

1) Hybrid and Remote Infrastructures Are Here to Stay

All it takes is one instance of malware on an employee’s home PC, and your business’s data is compromised. And with the number of companies adapting to remote work these days, it may happen to anyone!

Remote work has been a huge topic over the past few years now, as we’re all abundantly aware (and probably tired of hearing about it at this point). An ever-present concern with remote work is ensuring your IT infrastructure is sound. There’s a potential for things to go awry if your remote work setup is not handled by a team of IT experts. For instance, you don’t want your employees working at home with an unsecured internet connection or having to use their personal computer for work-related tasks.

We don’t anticipate the remote trend to die down anytime soon, as more workplaces turn to hybrid models with a mixture of both in-office and working-from-home employees. In fact, here at BITS, we’ve transitioned to hybrid work with great success! So if you need some help at your office, let’s get your remote work solution organized and secured together this year.

2) Virtual App Delivery is the New Virtual Desktop

In 2022, there will be a greater need to securely allow employees to have access to the specific applications that they need for their job… no matter where they are working. Virtual App Delivery is a method of providing access to the software and systems to employees that BITS expects to grow in popularity in 2022. With remote work looking like a long-term trend, companies need to be able to grant access to the applications their employees need quickly and securely–and from anywhere!

Virtual App Delivery has taken over the typical Virtual Desktop solution as a more efficient way to grant your employees everything they need to work. Think of it more like an “on-demand” version of a Virtual Desktop solution where you can simply access the applications you need without any lengthy downloads or installation. Virtual Application Delivery grew 10% year over year in 2021 according to the VDI Like a Pro’s latest report. The independent research group found that 17% of respondents who now use Virtual Desktops said they’ve planned to transition to Virtual App Delivery in the coming years.

3) Even More Activity Up in the Cloud

man-ga8caed653_1920.jpgNaturally, more remote work means more network activity and the need for cloud-based systems. However, the rise in working from home is not the only reason we expect the cloud to be busier than ever in 2022. Businesses seeking additional safety and peace of mind with their data will find cloud backup solutions to be an invaluable asset they’d never live without. Cloud-based storage and databases also create a more efficient workforce. Your employees will access the data and information they need at lightning speed without having to log in to a hardwired machine in the office.

Creating opportunities for people to work more efficiently and securely is what the cloud is all about, and we predict we’ll continue to see copious cloud migrations in the future. If you’re not already utilizing the cloud, or want guidance on how to use it more, now is the time! Our cloud migration and IT services will get you started securely and without hassle on your end.

4) Cyber Crime Continues to Evolve

towfiqu-barbhuiya-em5w9_xj3uU-unsplash.jpgAs the way we work in the internet age evolves and improves, cybercriminals are getting smarter and more sophisticated too. We expect malware and phishing schemes to get more and more complex this year as bad actors seek to hold your business hostage.

One of the most prevalent cyber threats in 2021 was “scalper bots,” which are systems that essentially act like someone scalping tickets outside of a sports stadium. Scalper bots scoop up certain high-demand products sold online before the rest of the population even has a chance to purchase. The cybercriminals behind the scalping bots will then attempt to resell these highly sought-after products at outrageous markups. We expect this type of cybercrime to continue to rise in prominence in 2022 as more and more products are sold exclusively online. So be on the lookout for this as both a consumer and as a business!

With computer chip shortages and supply chain issues already exacerbating many consumer products, scalper bots are just another hurdle for your customer. As a result, cybersecurity and threat protection for your business will continue to be essential in 2022.

5) Booming Tech and IT Industries

There’s no stopping this train! It’s true; the information technology world will see a continued boom in demand for IT services across so many industries. Those of us in the IT field expect an eager job market with tons of opportunities as businesses continue to rely on their IT solutions as the backbone of their organization’s day-to-day work (and on a related note, BITS is hiring!).

It’s important to have a stable, dependable IT partner to advise you as this boom drives change. All of these trends and predictions are interconnected and affect each other in immeasurable ways, and it’s up to us to stay ahead of it for you! Count on BITS to support your company’s business IT needs, be there when you need onsite assistance, tackle technical challenges and be prepared for the next trend in the ever-changing landscape of IT. As we like to say, “No worries. We Got IT.”

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