We Wish You a Merry BITSmas: Our Favorite IT Carols

Published December 15, 2021 | Categories: BITS News


Ah, the holiday season! It’s the time for spending time with loved ones, reflecting on the past year, and gift-giving and acts of appreciation. It’s also time for radio stations and retail businesses to be taken over by everyone's favorite Christmas songs (we're looking at you, Mariah Carey). At BITS, we have a few favorite holiday tunes of our own...and to celebrate the season, let us tell you why!  

"Rockin’ Around the Cybersecuri-Tree"

In 2021, it was clear that cybersecurity concerns were at the top of our clients’ minds. A majority of our new clients gained over the past few years have come to us because of our expertise in threat prevention. Kevin Lackey, BITS Account Executive, reports that “security support is above and beyond the most sought-after service that we [BITS] provide!” And based on current trends, we see no indication of this slowing down. It’s simple–everyone needs a cybersecurity action plan. In today’s always-online world, we see attempts at phishing and ransomware infection all the time. As we reported in October, even the most prominent companies globally like Facebook/Meta and Amazon frequently get targeted by security threats. But that doesn’t mean that we’re all doomed to suffer email scams forever. That’s why our clients have us–our invaluable expertise will not only help you protect from cybersecurity threats, we’ll prepare and be right there with you if an incident occurs. We know the bad actors out there on the web aren’t slowing down, so we aren’t either. BITS support can help you get things back on track and running smoothly if an issue arises.

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"IT Came Upon a Midnight Clear"

We hear it often–for our clients, the peace of mind they receive by partnering with BITS as their IT services provider is often the best gift their business gets every year. You need a team that can help you out regardless of the time of day or time of the year. That’s why we’re proud always to be a phone call away and boast a lightning-fast support ticket resolution time. With BITS, you can experience dependable IT services and the promise of issue resolution right when you need it. Don’t underestimate how important it is to have an IT solution and support team you can trust, especially during this busy time of year! With us on your side to support your existing team, take the lead on your IT, or help with whatever IT solution suits your business best, you can be confident that BITS will always come through, day or night!

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"Joy to the Cloud"

With the increasing popularity of remote and cloud-based work, you need to make sure the cloud network for your business is secure. Don’t have a cloud network? We can help with that, too! BITS can assist with the migration of data to a new cloud network or cloud virtual server that we can set up for you. Once your business data is off the ground, we can also assist with monitoring and managing your cloud network on an ongoing basis.

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"What Data is This?"

If you don’t have your data backed up securely, you may someday experience the pain of losing precious files. And we wouldn’t wish that on anyone! Losing files can affect your personal livelihood and the livelihood of your business. That’s why it’s important to ensure your company's storage solutions are sound and your data backup plan is dependable. Fortunately, the BITS team excels in data storage and developing backup initiatives that can keep all of your information wrapped up tight (just like a perfect Christmas present!)

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"All BITS Wants for Christmas is You!"

We hope you've enjoyed the caroling session and appreciate our spin on these Christmas favorites! BITS is all about spreading cheer, but we like to do so year-round. Our goal is to make your IT solutions work best for you, so get in touch with us to join the merriment! As always, we wish all of our clients (and future clients!) a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to what the next year brings. Maybe you'll have a new favorite Christmas carol by the end of 2022? Stick with BITS and we'll find out together! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from the BITS team!