Do I Need an Email Spam Filtering Service?

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You may be asking this very question as cyber criminals find more and more ways to access databases for valid email addresses to exploit. Spam emails, malware and phishing messages aren’t going away any time soon.  But you can take solace in the fact that your Outlook office suite has a spam filter feature enabled automatically. Or can you?  The more you know, the more likely you are to consider using third party spam filtering solution in addition to the out-of-the-box protection you already have.

Yes, the major office suites have an anti-virus solution built in. However, they are designed with the most minimal of requirements in mind. Additionally, it is important to note that once configured, it takes time for the out-of-the-box spam email solution to learn what is and isn’t spam. Hosted email protection services can work around the clock (and right away) to sense more complex attacks and defeat them.

A third party anti-spam solution can save you and your company time and money because….

You use less bandwidth. A third party solution vets incoming emails before they reach you. Only the ones deemed acceptable will travel to your email server.

If your server is down, you can still get your email. If your mail server is down for any reason, many third party email solutions enable you to access your email from their server. This is a tremendous benefit should you have an unexpected or lengthy server interruption.

You won’t be victimized by ransomware. Due to recent events, we’re all aware of the damage ransomware can do. There are third party anti-spam solutions created to defeat the latest internet scourges such as Petya and WannaCry. Out-of-the-box spam coverage is static.

No worries about a DoS attack, either. A DoS or denial of service attack attempts to overwhelm your server by sending an extreme volume of traffic from multiple sources. The objective is to bring your operation down and make you lose money. Since a third party service vets your email before it ever arrives at your server, the attack is detected and thwarted.

What works best for email security and protection?

Our IT services team has almost 20 years’ experience fighting spam related, nefarious activity. We do exhaustive research into the latest technologies that we might leverage to keep our clients’ proprietary information safe.

Beacon chooses to partner with ESET, offering their security suite to our clients. ESET has advanced security features that perform a cut above most anything else we’ve worked with. Their small business antivirus software is reliable and features an easy to use management console.

The software includes a firewall and you can enhance your email protection through this interface. Testing has indicated that it rarely if ever produces a false positive. In other words, not only does it perform well in eliminating malicious email, it does not confuse safe transmissions with questionable ones.

Additionally, the software’s anti-theft feature not only protects your mobile devices but should you lose your cell phone, you can lock your device remotely or even wipe it completely.

Could you benefit from a third party anti-virus solution?

Take the first step by getting a FREE network assessment from the IT professionals at Beacon. We’ll review your current to setup and let you know of any vulnerabilities we find and who you may be able to address them. Call Beacon IT Services at 336-447-3473 or email me at with any questions you may have on email management and anti-virus protection for your business.

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