Which is Better; Hosted Email or Local Email?

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The importance of a sound email system for your business cannot be overstated. Each has its advantages. And while both hosted and local email solutions have their advantages, a 3rd party hosted solution has been an option exclusive to larger companies with more substantive budgets.  The good news is that a hosted email solution is no longer out of reach to small and medium sized businesses. The only question is….

Which email solution works best for your individual needs, Hosted Email or Local Email?

If you’re in the process of auditing your current email delivery solution, you may have noticed that the landscape has changed considerably since the last time you considered your alternatives. In the past, the biggest obstacle to those who prefer a hosted email solution has been cost. This may be the biggest change in the past several years. Blackberry devices are no longer popularly used, hence the decreasing costs of support for these devices. Support for newer Android devices is a bit more reasonable. Additionally, mailbox limits have increased significantly for many hosted services. Still, both hosted email and local email solutions have their distinct advantages.

The Balance Sheet: Hosted email vs. Local Email

When faced with a decision such as this one, I like to make a balance sheet or “plus and minus” list, if you will. You’ll find just such an exercise below. Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of each, starting with hosted email.



  • No need to purchase a software license.
  • No need for an internal server or a designated resource to maintain it.
  • You can get your email off site if/when network is down.
  • Spam filter is included.
  • Dedicated support.


  • Monthly fee per user.
  • Phone access is extra.



  • No mailbox limit.
  • No email phone costs.


  • You need to run a server.
  • You’ll need a dedicated resource to maintain said server.
  • You’ll need to purchase spam filter software.

I’ve kept this list as general as possible so as to appeal to as wide a business audience as possible. That having been said, hosting services vary considerably in the features, services and support they provide.  If you’re in the process of evaluating which option or looking for a great IT provider, I invite you to contact Beacon directly and speak with a BITS specialist. We’re happy to answer any questions, provide needed detail and discuss alternatives. Call us at 336.232.5675 or email klackey@beacontec.com.


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