Have You Been Asking “Should I Upgrade to Windows 10”?

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If you’re currently running Windows 8 or 8.1 and didn’t update by summer of 2016, it’ll cost about $120 to upgrade to Windows 10. After the debacle that was Vista, one has to wonder if it’s worth updating to Windows 10 at any cost.

Below, we’ll consider the pros and cons of updating to Windows 10. The only assumption is that you’re currently running Windows 8 or 8.1.

First, let’s discuss the reasons why NOT to update to Windows 10:

Lots of Ads – You’ll be force-fed ads for Windows Store apps as your Windows Store app usage is tracked in Windows 10. Which brings us to the all-important privacy issue…

Privacy? Who Needs Privacy? – While many of the default settings can be disabled so as to protect your privacy, Windows 10 uses Cortana. As a result, your queries are sent to the Microsoft servers, whether you like it or not.

Less Control Over Updates – With Windows 8.1, you have manual control over your updates. When you’re running Windows 10 and Microsoft pushes out an update, you get it. No matter what. I like to control my own destiny so…this one hurts.

Software Upgrade CompatibilityI first noticed this when I tried to use Photoshop CS6, the last Photoshop edition that does not require a subscription. However, CS6 will not run on the Windows 10. I am forced to buy an expensive creative cloud subscription. I already paid for the right to use Photoshop. This shortcoming is both annoying and costly. Purchasing a PC that runs 8 is less costly.

But Windows 10 has its perks, too:

CortanaYour personal PC assistant is voice activated. Rather than type your search query, you can ask Cortana and get an answer. Pretty neat feature, eh? Remember though, as mentioned above, Cortana has a big mouth. She’ll share your personal data with a Microsoft server. But if privacy isn’t an important issue for you, then it’s a pretty cool feature.

Security – In this day and age, this is a huge plus. Not only is the architecture more secure, the fingerprint authentication feature means that if your laptop falls into the wrong hands, all is not lost. I love this aspect of Windows 10.

Support – Security updates for Windows 8 runs through January of 2018. After that, you’re at your own peril. By contrast, Windows 10 will be supported through 2025.

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