Top Reasons You May Need a Managed Service Partner (MSP)

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We understand and know that managing technology and users is an everyday task. However, for many business owners, managing the IT infrastructure that keeps their business running can be a very complex and intimidating undertaking. This is when partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be extremely beneficial as they can focus on managing the daily activities of your IT needs while you focus on your core business.

Here are some signs that you may need an MSP partner:

1. You do not have dedicated IT staff

nuzzo-illustration-thin-300x291Small businesses often rely on a “computer-savvy” staff member to handle their IT support.   These staff members are not IT experts and are resolving issues in a reactive fashion as they occur.   A dedicated IT expert has the time and resources to anticipate hardware and software upgrades, as well as to protect a company from the latest security threats.  Additionally, there is an opportunity cost as you are removing employees from their core business responsibilities that they were hired to perform.  MSPs deal with recurring issues from multiple clients and stay up-to-date on the latest IT developments.

2. Your technology budget is fluctuating and unpredictable

If you find that your IT costs vary widely each month, it may be time to shift to managed services. With an outsourced support model, you’ll pay a fixed fee no matter how much support you utilize. This allows you to create—and stick to—a predictable budget. And when something goes wrong, you won’t be stuck paying sky-high emergency support.

3. You are continuously having technology problems

When you don’t have the proper IT resources available, security and down-time can become serious problems that can dramatically hinder an organization’s ability to grow. Many technicians also solve just the symptoms of a problem without addressing the root causes, which leaves your technology in a break-fix cycle that is never-ending and nightmarish. This is a key indicator that your company could benefit from having additional IT support.  When you turn the hassle of your technology over to managed services providers, you can rest assured that your issues are being remediated the correct way, the first time around. This will result in an increased quality and reliability of computer systems and networks, which will save your company both time and money.

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About the Author:

John Scaramuzzo
John is the Senior VP of Beacon’s IT Services Group, a veteran technology strategist, innovative engineer, and creative entrepreneur with nearly three decades of distinguished service and experience in platform and server technologies, e-commerce, business consulting, and customer service management. Before co-founding Beacon, he worked for 12 years at AT&T, where he was instrumental in building the infrastructure to support AT&T’s global corporate intranet in the mid-90’s while also supporting AT&T’s HR HW/SW/NW. John architected Beacon’s data center, serving hundreds of clients worldwide for web hosting and software to support content management, custom applications and high-end e-commerce for Higher Education institutions and businesses. He also created Beacon’s IT Services division (BITS) which provides managed services for desktops, servers and networks across many states. John also served as an IT consultant on government contracts through subcontracts with Accenture and KPMG, and earned his B.S. in computer science/mathematics from the College of Staten Island.