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Cyber Insurance: Why You Need It and How Beacon Helps You Save

Bear with us here, because we're going to take a moment to talk about a subject that isn't particularly fun. Insurance. Ugggghhhh, right? Unless you are in the insurance business (in which case, sorry), there is nothing particularly enjoyable about insurance. It costs money, and if you ever use it, it means something bad has [...]

How To Protect Your Business From Costly Ransomware Attacks

It's never good news when cybersecurity is in the news. Unfortunately, that's certainly been the case this year, as story after story has emerged of cyber attacks and hacks crippling major corporations and utilities. The ransomware attack that halted Colonial Pipeline, hiking prices and causing gas shortages on the East Coast, was one of the most [...]

Avoid A DIY Disaster: Call in the Pros for Your IT Needs

We get it: when you've got a problem, the temptation to handle it yourself is strong. It's why there's a whole do-it-yourself (DIY) industry, devoted to giving you the tools you need to get the job done on your own. And it's so satisfying and fulfilling, isn't it? Fixing your house and putting together a [...]

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Is Your Head In the Cloud? Here’s Why That’s Good For Your Business

How's that saying go? "Head in the clouds?" It's a term that usually has negative connotations, but maybe not for much longer. That's because nowadays, the term "cloud" has become synonymous with technology and cloud computing, a service that lets users store data and programs on a remote server—the cloud—and access it from anywhere they [...]

Business on Top, PJs on the Bottom: Optimize Your Remote Office To Keep Working For You

"Are you working from home?" It's become a common question this past year as the COVID-19 pandemic upended our lives. When it was suddenly unsafe to work in the offices we'd spent years commuting to every day, we adapted fast: spare rooms were transformed into makeshift offices, old chairs were drafted into service as desk [...]

A True Love Connection: Reliable Networks and Caring Service

  Ah, February. The season of Valentine's Day, of romance. What, you don't find the gray skies and mushy, freezing rain common to the bleakest winter months romantic? Have some chocolates. Anyway, what is romance all about? Love, trust, support, and most of all, connections. Ok, we know what you're thinking now: why is this [...]

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