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Managed IT Services

Disaster Response Time If you've ever been in the unfavorable position of seeing your business IT infrastructure compromised, you understand the necessity of an expedient response from your IT vendor. If you haven't, thank goodness. Unfortunately, the rise in the number of successful web-based attacks increases the odds of you facing this situation sometime in [...]

Lessons in Cyber Security & Threat Prevention

Atlanta Ransomware Attack The ransomware attack that took hostage a number of vital computer systems in Atlanta last month wreaked havoc on residents and sent the city’s administration scrambling. What can we learn from the situation? Considering that city officials were aware as early as last summer that “severe and critical vulnerabilities” existed within the [...]

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What to do if Your Business is Victimized by Ransomware

Your computer is acting funny. You can’t access certain files. Then, you receive a pop-up message. You read the message only to learn that your data has been encrypted and you no longer have access to it – UNLESS you send a large wad of cash to the hijacker in unmarked bit-bills. Unfortunately, bitcoin payments [...]

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North Carolina Experiences Huge Jump in Data Breach in 2017

To say that 2017 was a bad year for cyber security is an understatement. Security breaches were national news this year, with vulnerabilities at Equifax and Uber leading the evening news. And North Carolina businesses were not immune to the problem. In North Carolina, the Theft Protection Act of 2005 requires that businesses report any [...]

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Crypto Currency: Ransomware & Your Vulnerability

Crypto mining is not against the law, nor is it a nefarious activity. At least not most of the time. But in order to fully understand why crypto mining can be a problem, we need to start from the beginning. Our story starts with the creation of a crypto currency called “Bitcoin”.  Like Paypal, Bitcoin [...]

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Review Your Web Hosting Options: Dedicated, Shared or Cloud

With cloud services becoming more and more popular, this seems like a good time to review the options available to us. Perhaps, by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the three most common computing solutions, you’ll get a better idea of the service or option that can best suit your business. Do I need dedicated [...]

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