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Is Hacktivism a Problem for Your Business?

Back in the 80’s, when someone hacked a website, they left a message not unlike graffiti. “Hackers rule” or something silly like that. It was relatively harmless. These days, hackers have grown up and hack with resolve. If they should deem your website or business counter to their beliefs, you could find yourself out of [...]

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Do Your Employees Hide Cybersecurity Incidents?

While advanced hackers may use malware, they often start by attempting to exploit the easiest point of entry. This typically includes phishing emails similar to the Google Docs email link that had Google on its toes recently. If your employees leave events such as this unreported, the consequences could be devastating to your cybersecurity. With [...]

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Cybersecurity Threats & Trends

Despite significant investment in cybersecurity, businesses are seeing more cyber-attacks that ever before. Remember back to Black Friday, October 21. We saw the largest DDoS attack of its kind, bringing down sites such as Twitter, Netflix and CNN. And things are trending worse. There were almost 1000 reported data breaches in 2016 according to the [...]

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Is It Time to Move to a Cloud Based Server?

Applications are running slower. Productivity is suffering. So, you've decided to face the music and  update your network servers. But your business partner is singing a different tune. He wants to go with what’s trendy. It’s what all the kids are talking about, he says. It’s called Cloud Hosting. In our respective business spaces, we all [...]

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Do I Need an Email Spam Filtering Service?

You may be asking this very question as cyber criminals find more and more ways to access databases for valid email addresses to exploit. Spam emails, malware and phishing messages aren’t going away any time soon.  But you can take solace in the fact that your Outlook office suite has a spam filter feature enabled [...]

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What is a Firewall and Why Do I Need One?

If you’re like most people, you know what a firewall does on a very basic level. However, many are unclear as to how they work – and in some cases, if they have one enabled in their network. Below, we’ll discuss the whys and wherefores regarding firewall protection and provide some clarity to anyone asking [...]

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